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Sophia Pompéry, “the silent shape of things”, ARTER Istanbul

x: Miralamentira from Yollarda on Vimeo.

Mirrored in a plate of water the protagonist is drinking her own reflection.

Sophia Pompéry: Plume from Yollarda on Vimeo.

Projected on a wall the video shows clouds of colour. What created the impression of japanese landscape paintings and plumes of smoke are in fact dilluding water colours.

Sophia Pompéry: Light Shades, Ten Meters and Popcorn Clones from Yollarda on Vimeo.

The show is a playful but excellent exploration of reality and imagination. Simple and powerful techniques are Pompéry’s magic spell, creating a mysterious world full of magic and beauty.

Curated by Ece Pazarbaşı, The Silent Shape of Things will run until 26 August 2012.

Sophia Pompéry produces video works and objects derived from her interest in everyday objects and physical phenomena. Her works are motivated by a desire to slow down the sense of time, characterised by a picturesque quality and a subtly arranged visual element.

The viewer is usually transported to another realm of experience when encountering Pompéry’s works for the first time. The process that occurs between the initial viewing and the moment that the viewer departs for another encounter is nothing but a chain reaction, linking the visitor’s emotions and perceptions, and a vague provocation created by the artist.

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