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We handed in our project StreetWalking at the idea challenge „Advocate Europe“, funded by the Mercator Foundation.

Take your chance and become an active European Citizen by voting for the StreetWalking idea at the Advocate Europe website. Your vote will help us to fund StreetWalking, the platform dedicated to urbanization, transformation and city planning in Turkey and Germany.

Get involved, vote for us and participate in the future workshops, create your own video about your environment and publish it at our magazine. Don’t miss it, tell us what bothers you in your district.

Advocate Europe is granting unconventional, transnational projects strengthening connection and cohesion in Europe with up to € 50,000 – money we would use to hold video workshops in Turkey and Germany with residents of districts threatened by gentrification.

StreetWalking Trailer

Inhabitants of different areas in Istanbul, Berlin and Essen will be asked to participate in these workshops to work on their personal experiences and feelings towards their changing neighbourhoods. They will learn how to use mobile communication devices to express their ideas, thoughts and needs in an creative way. With a special app participants get enabled to shoot, upload and watch videos as well as to locate them in the city. By publishing the videos online, StreetWalking is going to become an unique platform for collective narration on the phenomenon „gentrification“ in Turkey and Germany likewise, accessible and imitable all over the world.

Watch this Trailer and learn more about Advocate Europe:

Advocate Europe Trailer

As the challenge „Advocate Europe“ aims to the civil society, there is something for everyone of you to do: Give our project your „Like“ before 19th of April 2015 and let us win one of the first places here. (Don’t be afraid – the registration consists of just four fields and one e-mail!)

Please vote for us!

Thank you very much!


Thomas Büsch

Filmmaker, Founding Member and Secretary General of diyalog, promotion of cultural exchange with Turkey. Since 2012 he is also project manager of InEnArt.

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