Searching Traces

Gathering at Cezayir on December 11th organized by the InEnArt team


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The InEnArt team together with the Goethe-Institut presented the Searching Traces project at Cezayir on the occasion of the launch of the video based web application StreetWalking on December 11.

The Goethe-Institut in partnership with the InEnArt team from the association diyalog and the Syrian Turkish Cultural initiative Hamish is hosting a serial of educational events for displaced people in Istanbul under the title Searching Traces which will take place between December 13th and 21th in Istanbul.

Searching Traces is a serial of workshops around the fields of Modern Dance, Theatre and Film. Displaced young Syrian Dissidents are going to train refugees in their disciplines. They will work on topics shaping their current living situation. The loss of a normal living structure like schooling, working and participating in normal urban life is the basis of displacement. Beside there are lot’s of additional traumas the refugees have to cope with. Most of them were confronted with war scenes, bombings, executions and the presence of a documentation of human rights violations commited by the Islamic State, other extremists groups and the Assad regime. The trainers of the workshops will mediate skills to the participants to express this different experiences they made. The main aim is to support them in searching for new perspectives.

The InEnArt team gave an introduction to the Searching Traces program and its three workshops (video, dance and theater) taking place between December 13th and 21th and the conductors of the workshops presented their artistic works during the evening.

The trailer of the movie Our Trerrible Country by Ziad S Homsi and Ali Attasi was shown together with the short documentary On The Run by Sabine Küper-Büsch and Thomas Büsch and the music video I Love Death with Batool Mohamad.

For more information about Searching Traces and to register for the workshops please visit the web extension on the StreetWalking site.

Photos by Katharina Schmidt




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