Tightrope Walking

مُقاطَعَة Boikutt – Ramallah Underground & Tashweesh

This Revolution is my revolution / and I say this from my alternative hometown / let’s learn the lesson from  similar struggles / Ammunition, Heavy artillery, in the face of incoming waves, small chances, but never impossible.

Boikutt is a Palestinian musician and MC from Ramallah. He is one of the founding members of Ramallah Underground. Currently, he is performing solo on international stages at the same time he cooperates with two installation artists from Palestine.

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Ramallah Underground is a collective of musicians from Ramallah, Palestine. Since 2003, Ramallah Underground stands for distinct and qualitatively music that is influenced by the sounds of Hip-Hop, Electronica and some Arabic sounds on the one hand but most importantly for a political message on the other hand. The three founders Boikutt, Aswatt and Storm£trap try to picture the political and social situation in the West Bank and especially Ramallah. Since the Palestinian Authorities gained power over control in the West Bank in 2006, civilians are not only checked by Israeli soldiers anymore but also by their own people. This new era of settlement policy and oppression is put into words by Boikutt in these lines:

“Let them wait for foreign aid until they die / Drive around with their expensive cars / Inside the apartheid wall, until they enter into mazes.”

“Civil riots, because the cops are pissing me off / As if the apartheid wall isn’t enough / Now they put a virus into my country.”

Even-though Ramallah Underground split in 2009, its mere idea and visions stay alive and neither this nor difficulties with exit or re-entry do directly influence Boikutt´s success on both domestic and international stages.


Since 2009, Boikutt, Babel Abbas (formerly known as Aswatt) and Ruanne Abou-Rahme make up the trio Tashweesh. This collective is doing audio visual perfomances in form of videos and sounds. Even-though they focus on live performances Tashweesh, Ramallah Underground as well as Boikutt gained success and popularity mainly by spreading their work over the Internet. This could also be seen as a third intifada, an electronic intifada.


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