Trümmer (Debris)

The band Trümmer (Debris) from Hamburg are among the discoveries of the last festival summer. When Tammo Kasper, Paul Potsch and Maximilian Fenski 2012 started the band, they put exclusively on word of mouth. And were successful.-


Trümmer focusses on gentrification, general boredom and the music aristocracy. The band shot its first video WO IST DIE EUPHORIEWhere is the Euphoria – at the Golden Poodle Club:


The songs of Trümmer are about cracks, breaks, ruins both social and personal. The lack of utopias and rebellion, longing for departure, these are a few of the issues that preoccupy Trümmer and of which they sing with political vocabulary. Trümmer will publish its debut album at the ufAir Festival Berlin, August 9.


ufAir Festival Berlin, August 9

Open Air at UFA fabrik

Thomas Büsch

Filmmaker, Founding Member and Secretary General of diyalog, promotion of cultural exchange with Turkey. Since 2012 he is also project manager of InEnArt.

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