Fifa World Cup in Brazil


Ever since the 70´s, graffiti art is used as vehicle to express uncensored resentment and opinion. The Brazilian street artists represent the side effects of the glamorous Fifa World Cup 2014 and the attitude of the mass towards the games on walls, streets and houses.


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The Fifa World Cup 2014 in Brazil came along with much more than the football games that are supposed to unify people around the globe. Years and months before the mega sports event started, the constructions for the stadiums as well as the protests began. The international press reported about several riots and the brutal method of the Brazilian government against any kind of protest. The roots of the demos lie in the bitter truth that the Brazilian government and the Fifa officials failed to stick to the financial plans, tolerates mafia-like structures and in particular failed to improve the overall  situation for the brazilian population as possible side-effect of the event.

Anti Riot Police in Brazil

Seeing the governemnt spending billions of dollars on an event only a handful Brazilians contribute from, while claiming not to have enough money to provide a proper educational and health system, let anger and disappointment raise. Consequently, the world cup and the jogo bonito, Brazilian Portuguese for the beautiful game, rather widened and revealed the social disparities than succeeded in fulfilling its function as unifying event.


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