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Frozen Dreams



The Werkstattgalerie in Berlin serves 4 days long as a platform for live performance and video-projections dealing with identity issues and questions such as who am I.

One of the participating artists is the Turkish dancer and choreographer Erdem Gündüz who became famous with his performance of the Standing Man during the Gezi Protests in Istanbul 2013. As a symbol for peaceful demonstration afterwards, his personal initiative remained unique. This spirit of peacefully expressing an opinion and showing emotions through sole presence is captured in videos by Sabine Küper-Büsch and Thomas Büsch.

His current performance Frozen Dreams as well as the video of Standing Man will be screened from June 12th to 15th from 8:30 pm onwards.

The screening of the performance by Erdem Gündüz takes place as part of the anniversary 25 years city partnership Berlin/Istanbul.

Werkstatt Galerie Berlin
Eisenacher Str.6


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