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I’m better then tomorrow

Egyptian artist Khaled Hafez’ (Cairo, 1963) Video is one of the highlights of “I’m better then tomorrow”, a sophisticated show at the projectspace Hayaka Artı in Istanbul. (29.04.-14.06.). In a time, when citylife in a globalized world seems to start to get standardized, while on the contrary political clashes and economical gentrefication is carving trenches everywhere, how can we make a difference?

A selection of various artists finds very different answers in this group show. While Hafez is using animation techniques to import fantasy figures in semi-real-pictures of a crazy presidental election show, Turkish artist Merih Akoğul (İstanbul, 1963) creates narrations of the monotonous terror of every day in postwar Kosovo by just photographing transformed or damaged dummies. Şener Yılmaz Aslan’s (Malatya, 1986) Metro-ride-pics incorporate the title of the show very well. I seems as if progress isn’t always really promising for the individual. So art can create absurd spaces to transform this negative time capsules. Mustafa Kulas (Eskişehir, 1986) dranwings are transporting a refreshing anarchist satirical language. It seems as if you have the choice just to decide, that your presence isn’t reachable by an imposed future you don’t necessarily want to share.

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