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Poems for Peace – Gudar Zazai



In parts of the Pashtuns area in Afghanistan  war is still  going on.  On the other hand  artists are struggling to bring messages for peace to the world with their songs.

Gudar Zazai is one of Afghanistan’s young artists ; he wants to awaken people for the problems of Pashtuns in his poems and his music.

He hopes, that this will help the world to understand the Pashtuns and to speak up for them.

In Afghanistan it’s necessary to struggle for peace, national unity and development.  Pashtun artists can contribute to this process a lot.

Gudar Zazai says: he is planning to sing a peace song in five languages of countries, who are still involved in war.

27 years ago he was born in the Aryub Zazai village of the Paktia province.  Currently he is living in Kabul city and uses most of his time as a singer.

He says: “Considering the fact that I am working for peace and national unity,  I try to reach this goal by  singing.

He says: ”I am working for peace using the language of art”.-

Gudar Zazai is also committed to develop the quality of Pashtu and Dari music. He wants other singers also to work for  peace with their music.

The young singer underlines, that  in one way he is singing for peace ain the world, and that on the other hand he is struggling for the development of Pashtu as a language.


Radioprogram by Ahmadullah Ahmadi

Thomas Büsch

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