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Eski Haber/ Old News

Exhibition and Destribution at BAS Istanbul, 26.09.-26.10.13, Eski Haber/Old News 2004-2013 at BAS Istanbul.

Danish publisher and curator Jacob Fabricius inititated a serial of artistic works on reconstructing and desconstructing old news. The reprinted copies can be viewed at Banu Cennetoğlus artspace. The artist is inviting people also to take issues of the reconstructed “old news” home.

Artists where invited to cut out articles out of news sources, they are really using in daily life and to reconstruct them. New evaluations reconstruct the usual massmedia selections and create very individual choices.

In a time of a deep crisis of massmedia in Turkey a meaningful artistic contribution. Turkey is the country with the most journalists on trial. People are prosecuted also for taking part peacefully in the Gezi Park Protests. The daily misinformation of conventional massmedia is most visible in an atmosphere of state controll on the public opinion. Deconstructing the news could be a god try to rebel against this dilemma.


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