Place Hacking

Guerilla Gardening

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The activism form „Guerilla gardening“ (“guerilla” is spanish for “little war”) is a a phanomena where people plant public spaces or abadoned sites. Sometimes people put themselves together and plant fruits, vegetables or flowers in public spaces over night.

„Guerilla actions“ are a form of protest, which is frequently about retaking and reconquer urban spaces in framework of anti-capitaslism and a artistic form of express their political message. This civil disobedience can also be seemed as kind of street art

Guerrilla gardening is used as a way to independently rearrange the community and to be a active part in our society.

Sometimes guerilla gardeners just do it to brighten up the grey, boring look of the city- but there is often a political message behind the action. Like the anti-capitalistic idea of suplling city dweller with fresh fruits or veggies or the green idea of saving transport routes and therefor CO2 emissions. It can also be a possibility for people who live in the city and don´t have a proper garden or balkony to set up veggies and plants.

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