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Guerilla Knitting in Istanbul

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Maybe you have heared about guerilla art in urban areas. „Guerilla …“, is spanish for „little war“.
„Guerilla actions“ are ways of protesting, which is frequently about retaking and reconquer urban spaces in framework of anti-capitaslism and a artistic form of expressing political messages. This street art movement can also be seemed as civil disobedience.

„Guerilla knitting“, also called „yarn bombing“ is an urban art form, where people change public spaces by knitting in public objects. The knitting can be just because of brightning up urban areas or it can also contain a political message (often feministic ones).

Once a group of people under the name “Örgü-T” heard that the trees in Gezi Park at Taksim square were going to be cut down, they knew how to express their anger about the government plans in a peaceful, creative way, which attracts attention on the trees.

Örgü-T gathered more than 8 m² of knittings, prepared to cover a tree during a picnic protest in Gezi Park on 25th of March with their wool. After 3 hours of work, the tree was had a warm, cozy casing.

An other knitting action of Örgü-T was based on the plan of the government to ban abortion. On their website Örgü-T wrote: “I knew our knittings would be a suitable medium to bring out the message”.

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