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Whispering Walls

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A new publication on urban art takes you on a tour through the streets around the globe. Whispering Walls just appeared in English in the Edel publishing house (Hamburg).

Murals have a long tradition in Mexiko. It’s master was Diego Rivera, one of the important contemporary artists of the 2oth century.  In China Ephemeral Graffitis are combatting the widespread propaganda visible on lots of walls.

Frederic Soltan photographed urban art on walls all over the world. He published 500 Photographs with texts from Dominique Rabotteau. They show how universal the language of rebellion is. Chje Guevara is worldwide the most sprayed portrait.

Mural Paintings are the Ultimate Freedom of Expression, an Ancient Craft Which Reflects all the Wisper and Cries of our World. From Philadelphia to Johannesburg, from Santiago de Chile to Jerusalem, from Mumbai to Gdansk, the Walls of Cities show all the doubts, fears, fights, violence and hopes for a better world.

Beside the book you get three CD’s of world music.


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