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Cumhuriyet’in Zaman’ı, Zaman’ın Cumhuriyet’i from KONTRA ART on Vimeo.

KONTRA ART is a group of five Istanbulian Video artists, who do a kind of religious Agitprop. Islam and Video art are no contradictions for the five, who chose to stay anonymous to the public. The action will stop on the first of May. The group wants to avoid getting a label. They started with an action one year ago. The group hanged T-shirts with the slogan “Be afraid Capitalism, there is no other authority then god” to a wall at Tepebaşı. The aim of KONTRA ART is to express appeals for a better, cleaner, more human world by criticizing injustice. In their Videos they illustrate Violence against humanity and blame the current government of having betrayed the values they had propagated in the Nineties. KONTRA ART believes, that there is no independent media in Turkey. That’s why they use the Internet as a publication space. In the uploaded Video they critisize, that the religous Fethullah Gülen movement, being supposed to controll the police forces in Turkey, is causing as many human rights abuses as all the other political movements before. There are other Videos as well on this link: http://kontrart.blogspot.com/

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