Songs of Resistance

Musicians for #occupygezi

From the first days of the demonstrations in Turkey four weeks ago many artists expressed their solidarity with the #occupygezi movement.

With the help of our readers, Mashallah News gathered a selection of these ‘songs for resistance’. The diversity of genres, from traditional Turkish music to hard rock, hip-hop and electro, reflects the diversity of the demonstrators. The word “çapulcu” (looter) used by the prime minister makes its way into many lyrics, as does “gas”.

We are presenting you at InEnArt a selection of the ‘songs of resistance’ from Mashallah News:

Dagilin Lan Hakan Vreskala – Taksim Gezi Direniscileri

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi caz korosu Çapulcu musun vay vay

Subway Saturday June 8 at midnight in Istanbul

visit also ARTISTSINRESISTANCE in solidarity with the resistance at Gezi Park Turkey

to listen to all songs visit Mashalla News

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