Make America Great Again

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If anyone is going to be threatened by a small penis, it’s Trump




The artist’s pencil drawing by feminist artist Illma Gore desplays the nude Donald Trump. The uploading of her artwork to a private Facebook group has resulted in what appears to be an indefinite ban from Facebook.

In a pastel painting called “Make America Great Again” Donald Trump the Republican presidential contender is shown stark naked, sporting only a gold chain. The painting has now gone viral, and furious Trump supporters are inundating the artist with online threats and abuse.

Arts and Basic Rights

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Austrian Artist Manfred Grübl in Istanbul

Screening of One Day Home, May 21st 7 pm at Studio-X Istanbul


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Getting in Touch

Manfred Grübl is the recent artist in residence in Istanbul by the Austrian Cultural Program backed by Austrian Federal Chancellery. He lives and works for three month in Istanbul since March 2015.

We visit him in his Istanbul studio:

An outstanding modern building in Cihangir, Firuzağa Mahalle. The doorman asks about the purpose of your visit and nodds understandingly when you query where to find „the Avusturyalı“. „The Austrian“ is Manfred Grübl, artist from Vienna, who is currently living and working in Istanbul as a stipendiary organised and backed by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, Arts Section.

Not just any scarf

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abdullah hamidaddin


There is no other piece of clothing discussed as controversial as the headscarf. Maybe women’s trousers were considered in a similar problematic way in the 1920s. Or the shortening skirts during the 60s. There were questions of moral and appropriateness arising, but they never contained religious aspects. The headscarf on the contrary is always leading to extensive debates – tapping on fashion, religious feelings and questions of women’s rights all together.

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