Boys and their Toys

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  • Zazzaro300

  • Zazzaro Otto, Krieg in Prenzlauer Berg, 2013

At Kunstraum Kreuzberg in Berlin you could currently think the smell of male testicles would be in the air.
The exhibition aims to shed light on the relationship between big boys and their toys. Actually weapons, uniforms, militaria and cool gadgets: toys of mankind destruction.

The exhibition is dedicated to the relationship wof artists at present to war, weapons and their aesthetics.

Berlin: counteracting gentrification – Markthalle IX

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The project Markthalle IX in Berlin successfully counteracts gentrification by reactivating a historical building. Today, the Markthalle IX is a location that provides space for local entrepreneurs and initiatives to offer their products and to spread their ideas. It accomplishes to serve as an urban space that combines countryside living, slow food and intimacy with the values of 21st century city life and diversity in supply and culture. The Markthalle IX is over 120 years old and was originally inaugurated on October 1st in 1891. It is one out of three remaining market halls in the city and unique in its current utilization as fusion of individual business, local market and meeting point. It was reopened in 2011 and further extends its offers since then.


The Markthalle in the 1980´s. Probably used as sheltered public meeting point with small kiosks and some supermarkets.

Kreuzberg, Berlin back in 2009. The heart of the capital´s arts and culture scene beats here. Over the past years, galleries, entrepreneurs and a series of in vogue- and independent (coffee) shops settled in the former sink estate and turned it into Berlin´s scene quarter. But one significant building was left out of this transformation. By that time, the Markthalle IX was home to discounters such as Aldi and Kik and the city planned to further expand the supermarket center. Luckily, three visionaries and local residents managed to hold up the negotiations and developed a plan on the future of this urban space.

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