Back to Now

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U10 Gallery Belgrade

“Back to Now” international project (exhibition, presentation, discussion) from 22nd of June till 8th of July, U10 Art Space, Kosovke devojke 3, Belgrade.


The project “Back to Now” was inspired by the book “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. It points out the necessity of the feeling of presence and awareness of the present moment for the human consciousness. The project investigates the relationship between culturality and ever growing technological development in an international discourse through interdisciplinary field of art, science and technology. The segments of the project, the exhibition, panel/discussion and presentation encompass multimedia artwork, from traditional media such as drawing to interactive artworks which connect art, science and technology or new media. The participants of the project are artists coming from Japan, China, Turkey, Spain and Serbia.


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June 22nd
8 pm
 - Opening of the exhibition “Back to Now
Participants: César Escudero Andaluz, Candaş Şişman, Nathan Guo, Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović and Ivica Stjepanović, Mariko Hori, Isidora Fićović, Daichi Misawa, Gordana Žikić, Nataša Kokić, Marija Bjekić, Predrag Damjanović, Lidija Antonović and Boško Begović
June 23rd
6 pm
 - Presentation of the interactive works by Nathan Guo and Isidora Fićović
8 pm - Panel discussion “Culturalities and new technologies”, participants: Maja Stanković, Aneta Stojnić and Jovan Čekić (with the comment on the text “Culturalities” by Daichi Misawa)
The project includes a visit and collaboration with the following institutions: The Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade, the Museum of Nikola Tesla and the Centre for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade
Project author: Isidora Fićović
Coordinator: Gordana Žikić

Sponsors and partners: Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Austrian Cultural Forum, ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia), Samsung, Orange studio, Byzart,

The premiere of the project “Back to Now” is done successfully in Belgrade 2017 and looking forward to its developing in another cities, countries, places.



The Frame that Blinds Us

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  • orangias_1

  • the syndrome_ii

  • stoyanov_2

  • swovboda

  • fiserova_1

  • Joe Joe Orangias, Image from series "In Full Flow". 2017.
  • Sandro Đukić & Marko Marković, The Syndrome (Naked Island) II, pigment print, 2016
  • Kamen Stoyanov, "I am going to kill you." Video Still. 2017
  • Katharina Swoboda, Finding the center of the world. Video Still. 2017.
  • Marta Fišerová, "Sleepless I kept the night". Video Still. 2017.

curated by Katharina Swoboda and Mare van Koningsveld

War is “framed” in the media so as to prevent us from recognising the people who are to be killed as living fully “grievable” lives, like ours. That is the thesis pursued in the book Frames of War by Judith Butler (1956) of reprinted talks and essays written since 2004.

The book is a text about the framing of Non-Western people in war times and how these frames can also be changed. This theory about how existing perceptions of ‘the other’ are confirmed but can also be changed, has not lost its urgency in these times of the refugee crisis, post-truth politics and right-wing political sentiments.

Homo Melitensis

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2017 marks the official return of a Malta Pavilion to the Venice Biennale for the first time in 17 years. To celebrate this occasion and create an unparalleled experience, the two curators – Raphael Vella and Bettina Hutschek – have drawn on Maltese art from the past and pre­sent, juxtaposing historic items with contemporary.

The curators have selected artists of Maltese origin or based in Malta for their conceptual exhibition: Homo Melitensis: An incomplete inventory in 19 chapters.


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