Mahalla Festival

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On the occasion of the 15th Istanbul Biennale the InEnArt team and diyalog will open the Mahalla festival on September 14th at Contemporary Istanbul.

Mahalla is the first festival of an emerging network of global players working in the field of arts and culture focusing on the current migration flow. The festival takes place in the frame of parallel events of the 15th Istanbul Biennial between September 13 and October 20.

Nandor Angstenberger at Contemporary Istanbul

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At the Contempary Istanbul Art Fair (CI) Nandor Angstenberger  showed collages of his „Ghost Series“ (2013) and an installation called “three dimensional diary,” at the stand of Gallery Mixer (Istanbul).  For the diary he used items like tickets, bills, small papers with telephone numbers, and other pieces he had found on the streets of Istanbul in the production process..

In 2012 Nandor Angstenberger participated in the Istanbul scholarship programm of the Berlin Senat for six month. This artists residence programm exists since 1988 and serves for the cultural exchange between Berlin’s and Istanbul’s art scene. Angstenberger transformed the residence apartment into an off space gallery in November 2012 and hosted the exhibition „Thank you for your smile on your face“.


  • IstanbulDiary,86x45,9x45,9,2013

  • Monopol,ZuckerundWasserfarben_12x12x83_2012

  • Elbise,zerschnitteneKleidung_29cmdurchmx42h_2012

  • Vertex,KartonaufMDF_40x31x65_2012

  • "Istanbul Diary 12", Mixed Paper, 86cmx45,9cmx45,9cm, 2013
  • "Monopol", Sugar and Water Colors, 12cmx12cmx83cm, 2012
  • "Elbise", Cut Clothes, 29cm diameterx42cm height, 2012
  • "Vertex", Carton on MDF, 40cmx31cmx65cm, 2012

Beyond the Froth and Jargon

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By Jackie Wullschlager

This year’s Contemporary Istanbul has been visited by 28 thousand people within 2 days, which is behind the expectation of 70.000.

Jackie Wullschlager writes on November 24th in Financial Times about The faster and louder the art world spins, the harder it is to get to original art that matters:

We all write resignation letters in our heads, telling it as it is. Dave Hickey, eminent American critic and university teacher, actually sent his. Last month Hickey announced that he was quitting an art world that had turned “nasty and stupid”, where writers, dealers, curators, advisers have become “a courtier class – intellectual headwaiters to very rich people”. For this 0.01 per cent, “art is cheaper than it’s ever been” but “nobody cares if it’s any good, and everybody hates it when something’s really great”.

The straw that broke Hickey’s back was an invitation to sign a 10-page contract for talking at a Guggenheim museum seminar – to which no one came, because “secular” interest in art has fled bureaucratic professionalism and an all-must-have-prizes culture. “When they make me president,” Hickey concluded, “I’m going to ban all group shows – exhibitions that emphasise the least interesting aspect of the work … and demonstrate the vaulting ‘intellectual’ ambition of some preening curator … I want to see a one-person show, I want some f***ing substance, but we can’t do that, because we have to be fair.”

Please continue reading at Financial Times

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