Monuments of time turning to dust


Sarayarkası Sokak, Gümüşsuyu, on New Years Eve 2021/2022. It was reported that Homeless stayed in the building to flee the cold. And that they were luckily able to excape the fire with Injuries.

This winter leaves scars on humans and urban landscapes. Monetarian games, poverty and urban ecapades.

This building close to the Muhtar of Ömer Avni Mahallesi is still alive and searching for a buyer for some time. It should be protected as a precious monument of time.



Monuments of time turning to dust

Wooden walls like creaking storytellers

Always there like a monument of time

Walked past a thousand times

In moments of unconscious happiness

Fireworks, Bursting walls

Monuments of time turning to dust

Creaking glowes of burning memories


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