Tough Times for Cartoonists

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“Tough Times for Cartoons” (Schluss mit lustig) is an exhibition featuring stunning new trends in Graphic Satire produced in Turkey. It opens on the 19th of July 2017 in Kassel. The Seventh German Caricatura invited the Turkish colleagues in a gesture of solidarity. A Panel will follow the opening.

Still the Comic Scene is the most progressive part of the art- and media circles. Their works are sharp, brave, imaginative, metaphorical and powerful. After the suppressed Gezi Protests the Cartoonist went through a period of reflection. Self-criticism, the search for new visions results in a huge scope of different works and styles.


  • BahadırBaruter

  • bezgin bekir

  • Cem

  • YiğitÖzgür2

  • maertyrertum

  • Mondmoschee

  • BernaÇapkın

  • CalciumSandoz

  • Harem

  • DevrimKunter_Sincap

  • Dunkelkammer

  • Erdogan_Merkel

  • Bahadır Baruter
  • Tuncay Akgün is drawing his charakter Bezgin Bekir since the 1980th. In this episode Bezgin is detained by police forces and his armchair is sealed. This furniture is essential for Bezgins existence as a Pazifist intellectual.
  • Cem Dinlenmiş was drawing "her şey olur" (everything is possible" for Penguen. The Satire magazine had to close end of May. This drawing shows the war torn reality of life in some provinces with mainly kurdish population
  • Yiğit Özgür. "I don't trust the justice system!" - "Please write down Ikebana my daughter" - "It doesn't fit, I need six letters"
  • Haydar Işık, Tunçay Akgün. "How was school boy?" - "I got excellent for martyrdom"
  • Galip Tekin is discovering that the USA hided the reality of a Mosque on the moon when Armstrong was landing there. So actually Muslims discovered it first.
  • Ramize Erer and her character "bad girl". "You are very unsocial Berna, you don't have any friends. You don't know Nilgün, Eda, Vivet or Şeyma or Nurcan." "I am horny my love. I know Zafer, Orhan, Kemal, Ahmet, Cem and Kemal".
  • İpek Özsüslü. "Shall we have a Vitamine cocktail upstairs?" -"Oh sure".
  • "And this shall be the King of the world? Who would say he is so magnificent?" "Shht, shut up!
  • Devrim Kunter is quoting Atilla Atalay's comment on the Gezi protests: Love Cement, save Beton and fuck the sqirrels
  • Ender Özkahraman. Dark Room
  • Tuncay Akgün and Kemal Aratan, Despo and Despina

“Schluss mit lustig” is also the title of a Cartoon-Book published in the Avant-Verlag. 46 Cartoonists are presenting their works. Sabine Küper-Büsch, Curator of the exhibition, is dividing the book and the show in 6 chapters: Intoxication of power, World Affairs, New Turkey, Let’s go on, Ottomania and Fantasia. Opening of the exhibition: 19.7.2017, 6pm, Werner-Hilpert-Str.1, Kassel, Duration: 20.7. – 27.8.2017.

Participating Artists: Ali Ulvi Ersoy, Aret Gıcır, Aslan Özdemir, Bahadır Baruter, Bahadır Boysal, Behiç Pek, Betül Yılmaz, Bülent Üstün, Cem Dinlenmiş, Cemil Cavit Yavuz, Cengiz Üstün, Cihan Ceylan, Devrim Kunter, Doruktan Turan, Ender Özkahraman, Erdil Yaşaroğlu, Ersin Karabulut, Esin Özbek, Feyhan Güver, Galip Tekin, Göksu Gül, Hakan Karadeniz, Hayatı Boyacıoğlu, Haydar Işık, İlhan Sayın, İltem Didem, Ipek Özsüslü, İzel Rozental, Mehmet Çağçağ, Mehmet Erdener, Memo Tembelçizer, Murat Başol, Oky, Ramize Erer, Suat Özkan, Sefer Selvi, Selçuk Erdem, Semra Can, Serkan Altuniğne, Sönmez Karakurt, Tan Cemal Genç, Tuncay Akgün, Uğur Gürsoy, Yiğit Özgür, Zeynep Özatalay

Caricatura Kassel

Avant Verlag



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