Ramize, the bad girl



Ramize Erer won the award for creative courage at the Cartoon Festival in Angoulême.

The artist was one of the First Females getting a Star among the popular and famous Cartoonists in Turkey.Parallel to her education at the Mimar Sinan Academy for Fine Arts Erer started drawing in the beginners class of the famous magazine Gırgır. Her teacher was Oğuz Aral, the legendary creator of “Avni Simpleton”. She gained her own table at Gırgır with the drawing of a masturbating little girl, which caused a scandal in the 1980th in Turkey. She got famous with the serial “Biz Bıyıksızlar”, “We, the ones without a moustache”.



“Hihi, I should shut up my Hymen, zzzzzt’ The Hymen is torn! I saved my Hymen, You can put it in your bank account!”- “Psst, we shouldn’t have pressured her so much, our sweety lost its mind…”


Later on Ramize Erer worked for all of the major oppositional satire Magazines like Hıbır, HBR, Limon and Leman. Her style was developing more to illustrate the growing confidence of women in Turkey and to show the positive results of the strong Feminist movement. One of her most sucessfull labels got “kötü kız”,”the bad girl”, featuring Berna, a  young woman breaking all taboos.


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  • "Shit, I got copied."
  • "Aaaah!! Eda, you're character is absolutely changing screwing me. I can't stand this any more. We need to divorce. "
  • "I am so sorry for the mass."
  • "I am sorry Şükriye that we caused you more cleaning. We were fighting and broke some things....." "It got a kind of Phantasie for them to fight. Their fights are ending in bed, mine are ending in the emergency room. "
  • "You are only caring for dressing up, make-up, you don't care for the fate of the country, the wars, poverty and hunger in the world." "My business is to take care about myself sweety."

She was contributing a serial for the Feminist weekly Pazartesi (Monday) and was drawing “the bad girl” and “dangerous relations for the Daily newspaper “Radikal” for a couple of years. Since 2010 she is one of the main artists producing for the Feminist Cartoon magazin Bayan Yanı. That means, the place beside the lady, and is discribing the custom in Bus companies to sell special places beside women to women.


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