New Stamp by Khaled Jarrar released!

Open Call to Participate in the new Art Project by Khaled Jarrar

In summer 2014, the Istanbul based team of InEnArt started reviving  an art project by Khaled Jarrar. It was a post stamps design of the non-existing State of Palestine, one of Jarrar´s contributions to the 7th Berlin Biennale in 2012 that caught the organizers attention. After months of using various channels to spread the message, 50 sets of stamps were dispatched to 12 countries in the world and all continents.

As the first round was such a great success and actually led to fruitful discussions in terms of why and how art can influence real politics, the artist in collaboration with InEnArt decided to set up a second round of spreading the stamps all over the world.

To make the designs more unique itself, Khaled Jarrar designed new post stamps for the second round. It shows the beautiful flower Anemone Shaqiqat Al Nu’man (anemones ), known scientifically as Anemone Coronaria.

“That thou canst not stir a flower Without troubling of a star”


RHSAnemone BL

This filigree red wildflower is very much associated with Arabic literature. The legend says that Anemones grew on the tomb of Al-Nu’man Bin Munthir who was a famous king of Al Hira, in Iraq. During the battle of Thi Qar against the Persians, Al Nu’man was run over by elephants because he refused to submit Arab women to the Persian king as captives. Since then, those flowers were attributed to Al Nu’man to resemble his bravery and courageousness. Shaqiqat Al Nu’man are well known in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq and may be called Shaqiqat Al Nu’man, Dahnoun or Hannoon.

So take the opportunity, order a sheet of 20 postage stamps by Khaled Jarrar for 25.- Euro; participate into this art work while spreading his gesture that embodies the wish to create an open, independent country guaranteeing freedom to everyone to carry one’s life in one’s hand…

Order a sheet of stamps by Khaled Jarrar and set a statement:

Sorry… All sheets are sold out… we are very pleased about the with the great interest into the project of Khaled

If you’re around Geneva, don’t miss the opening of Khaled Jarrar´s solo in May 28th at the Gallery Art Bätschi in Geneva. 




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