Disquiet Junto Project 0110: WSB100


Musicians, you are invited to celebrate  William S, Burroughs birthday with your own CUT UP’s organized by Disquiet Junto Project 0110: WSB100. Deadline is Monday February 10th!!! Hurry up.-


William S. Burroughs, Paris, France 1959, Photographer – Brion Gysin

These are the steps:

Step 1: Take the lead article from your local newspaper and write down the first 18 sentences on separate slips of paper — or, if you prefer, extract the first 18 lines on separate strips of paper.

Step 2: Label these pieces of text from 1 to 18.

Step 3: Either read them out loud or use text-to-speech and record them.

Step 4: Construct the vocal of a song using the material. Sequence the vocal in the following order. Note that text element 3 serves as the chorus and text element 15 serves as the bridge. The remaining elements are in random sets of four, with no repetition.

3 3 3 3
14 10 5 7
3 3 3 3
8 18 11 4
3 3 3 3
6 17 12 9
15 15 15 15
3 3 3 3
13 2 16 1
3 3 3 3

Add music, whatever instrumentation you choose, to flesh this out into a proper song.

Step 5: When posting the track be sure to include a link to the originating source article. If you cut up the text by hand, please include photos of your process.

Deadline: Monday, February 10, 2014, at 11:59pm wherever you are.

Length: Your finished work should be between 1 minute and 4 minutes.

More on this 110th Disquiet Junto project (“Celebrate the 100th birthday of that old cut-up, William S. Burroughs”) at:


Tracks by participants will be added to this playlist as the project proceeds:

This project was published in the evening, California time, on Thursday, February 6, with 11:59pm on the following Monday, February 10, 2014, as the deadline.

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