Like a Red Prison

We are happy to present you the new Pussy Riot actilon called “Like a Red Prison”!

A new video released on July 16 by Russia’s Pussy Riot has exposed bitter divisions within the feminist punk performance-art group.

“Like in a Red Prison,” Pussy Riot’s first performance in almost a year, takes aim at the Kremlin’s tight grip on Russia’s lucrative oil industry.

The video shows four members dressed in trademark balaclavas and garish dresses dancing on the roof of a filling station and on an oil pipeline, where they pour what appears to be oil over a portrait of Igor Sechin — the head of the Rosneft oil firm and a close ally of President Vladimir Putin.

The women also accuse Putin of homophobia — an apparent reference to a recent law targeting homosexuals in Russia — and reiterate their criticism of his close ties with the Russian Orthodox Church.

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