Mahalla Festival

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On the occasion of the 15th Istanbul Biennale the InEnArt team and diyalog will open the Mahalla festival on September 14th at Contemporary Istanbul.

Mahalla is the first festival of an emerging network of global players working in the field of arts and culture focusing on the current migration flow. The festival takes place in the frame of parallel events of the 15th Istanbul Biennial between September 13 and October 20.

Tough Times for Cartoonists

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  • Photo Monika Nikolic
  • Photo Monika Nikolic
  • Photo Monika Nikolic
  • Photo Monika Nikolic
  • Photo Monika Nikolic
  • Photo Monika Nikolic
  • Photo Monika Nikolic


“Tough Times for Cartoonists” (Schluss mit lustig) is an exhibition featuring stunning new trends in Graphic Satire produced in Turkey. The Seventh German Caricatura in Kassel invited the Turkish colleagues in a gesture of solidarity.

The Frame that Blinds Us

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  • the syndrome_ii

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  • Joe Joe Orangias, Image from series "In Full Flow". 2017.
  • Sandro Đukić & Marko Marković, The Syndrome (Naked Island) II, pigment print, 2016
  • Kamen Stoyanov, "I am going to kill you." Video Still. 2017
  • Katharina Swoboda, Finding the center of the world. Video Still. 2017.
  • Marta Fišerová, "Sleepless I kept the night". Video Still. 2017.

curated by Katharina Swoboda and Mare van Koningsveld

War is “framed” in the media so as to prevent us from recognising the people who are to be killed as living fully “grievable” lives, like ours. That is the thesis pursued in the book Frames of War by Judith Butler (1956) of reprinted talks and essays written since 2004.

The book is a text about the framing of Non-Western people in war times and how these frames can also be changed. This theory about how existing perceptions of ‘the other’ are confirmed but can also be changed, has not lost its urgency in these times of the refugee crisis, post-truth politics and right-wing political sentiments.

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