With the “SHLIM-LINE Show” on the 24th of October 89 we (Johannes Beck & Uli M Schueppel, as studio guest Christoph Dreher / Die Haut) produced a show live in the West Berlin Radio100 in which we suddenly announced the fall of the Wall. The whole thing had triggered tremendous reactions – but perhaps not necessarily led to the real fall of the Wall 2 weeks later … or did it?

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Sapun Ghar

In 2015, the artist Iris Andraschek was artist in residence in Istanbul supported by the Austrian Chancellor and supported by the Istanbul based association DIYALOG. During her residency in Istanbul she started an ongoing project on the so called Aleppo Soap.

For the first time Iris Andrascheck is presenting this ongoing project at the Büyük Valide Han in Istanbul in the frame of parallel events of the 16th Istanbul Biennial organized in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Istanbul.

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The Yellow Section

On June 21, 2019 opens the exhibiton The Yellow Section at After the Butcher in Berlin. Participating artists are Maja Weyermann, Birgit Auf der Lauer & Caspar Pauli and Evrim Kavcar. Maja Weyermann and Birgit Auf der Lauer & Caspar Pauli participated into the artists in residency program of the Berlin Senat 2014 and 2018.

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